Truck Scale System

Mettler Toledo offer durable, accurate and reliable truck scale system

Our Exclusive Product Is Truck Scale System

Teras Integrasi  offers a complete line of  Mettler Toledo truck scale systems. Truck scale deck design are available in steel and concrete for the applications of commercial duty to extreme duty cycle.

Scale component are heart of truck scale system,  old school analogue technology and most advanced digital technology scale component.

We offer 3 types of truck scale foundation which are depending on your site conditions that are known as  Pit type, Semi-Pit type and Pitless type foundationMettler Toledo innovative designed allowed all the models to be install for all type of foundations.

Truck scale system used in business transactions are categorized as “Legal-for-trade” application. Legal-for-Trade  applications truck scale are required to meet a set of Federal and Local Authority or Weights & Measures Dept. requirements.  The requirements  include of criteria for construction, scale specifications, calibration intervals, scale accuracy, scale error tolerance and intended to protect business transactions from scale inaccuracy or fraud.

Fundamental of the truck scale system’s  performance and features typically related to durability, accuracy and reliability :
Durability, deck designed to withstand all environmental challenges while working to maximum capacity at all times and maximize the operation uptime.
Accuracy, system designed to establish and maintain a high level of accuracy, eliminate profit losses due to weighing errors and optimize the return on investment.
Reliability, stable and resilient load-cell system means a more reliable scale with less downtime, low cost repair expenses and  lower total cost of ownership.

Most truck scales system are installed outdoors. The components are able to withstand all environmental challenges while working reliably and accurately.  In order to achieve the expected life cycle up to 20 years of operation,  your truck scale system require a Trusted Service Provider   for providing on-site service support with parts, preventive maintenance and system upgrading.


Before a purchaser request for quotation, there 3 basic keys that you need to know ;
Maximum gross load of the truck . . .  to determine the maximum capacity of truck scale
Type of truck you want to weigh . . .  to determine the length, width and CLC or axle load capacity of truck scale
No’s of weigh per day . . .  to determine the cycle duty of truck scale

The construction of truck scale foundation is depending on your site conditions and traffic flow.

Teras Integrasi offer durable, accurate and reliable truck scale system







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