Silo & Tank Scale

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Silo & Tank Scale

Gravimetric level control is one of the most accurate inventory control methods available for measuring high-value solids, liquids and even gases inside tanks. Tank load cell is placed outside of the tank, which makes them superior to other measuring methods for aggressive, hot, frozen, non-free-flowing or non-self-leveling materials. Measuring results are not impacted by tank shape, materials or process parameters, such as temperature or material viscosity.

Compression Weigh Modules

Protected Load Cells

Outdoor tanks must have safety features to protect the load cell during installation and operation. Tanks are exposed to wind forces. This requires features for weigh modules to cope with uplift forces on one side and extreme load on the other. Temperature changes can result in expansion and contraction of the support structure. Our weigh modules are designed to cope with such circumstances.

Safety Tested with Full Load

Mettler Toledo weigh modules are designed to mitigate uplift forces resulting from wind and earthquakes and temperature-related expansion and contraction of the tank’s support structure. We perform Finite Element Analysis on mechanical parts and perform tests to expose even heavy-capacity weigh modules to real-life conditions with full loads.

Silo and Tank load cells also are typically supported by compression weigh modules. Weigh modules, includes Silo and tank load cells, are used for material handling in many industries. By simply attaching a system of weigh modules to one of these containers, you can weigh the contents with accuracy and reliability. Other weigh modules include silos and vessels, which can be more elaborate. Vessels, for instance, allow heating, cooling, mixing or other processes. Chemical reactions often take place in vessels, so precisely weighing material additions is extremely important

Weigh modules are weighing devices that attach to the supports of a tank, platform, conveyor, hopper, vessel, or any other non-balance object used as a scale. Typically, three or more weigh modules are used to support the structure and provide accurate results.

Integrating it is easy when installing a tank, silo, vessel or conveyor scale with the SafeLock™ features on the latest Mettler Toledo weigh modules. SafeLock™ protects MultiMount™ and PinMount™ weigh modules against accidental overload and ensures safety during installation. Each unit is delivered pre-adjusted. The weigh modules are delivered as compact units that are ready to be placed under the tank without any additional precaution. For installation, there is no need for auxiliary devices, such as dead stands or dummy load cells. The flexible mounting orientation allows tanks to thermally expand and contract in all directions and ready to install.

The heavy capacity PinMount™ weigh module can stay in place without load cell over a long time period.  This eliminates need for a dummy load cell during construction.

The optional digital PDX Powercell® load cell technology for weigh modules includes a microprocessor. It monitors and compensates internal and external influences that affect weighing performance and uptime. In addition it notifies operators if a problem arises. This technology helps businesses reduce raw material loss and bad batches.

The microprocessor inside the PDX Powercell® load cell increases accuracy by compensating for temperature changes, hysteresis and non-linearity. It permanently monitors functionality and alerts maintenance service if problems arise inside the load cell or within the network.

The modules have been optimized with the FEA (finite element analyses) method. The profound knowledge of stress  distribution of the entire structure contributes to a high level of safety.

A PDX Powercell®  load cell has built-in lightning protection. It avoids breakdowns of weighing equipment due to lightning or stray currents.

Problem Alert Ensures High Quality PDX  Powercell®  technology immediately alerts operator or maintenance if problems arise within load cells or network. Conventional load cells don’t have such features and in many cases they provide inaccurate weight results over a long time period.

RunFlat Function Avoids Process Stop, The embedded RunFlat algorithm of the PDX  Powercell®  technology compensates temporarily for a sudden load-cell failure. This allows continuation of production process until the failed load cell can be replaced. The CalFreePlus™ feature eliminates need for re-calibration in the event the cables or load cells have to be replaced.

Mettler Toledo operates several ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accredited test labs, which perform tests in accordance to internationally applicable EN/IEC standards. Static and dynamic loading and all relevant environmental effects, such as shocks, vibrations, temperature, water and dust impacts can be tested. We test the influence of electromagnetic emissions and emissions plus impacts of electrostatic discharges for all products.

Mettler Toledo offers a wide range of industrial terminals and weight transmitters for processing and displaying the weigh module’s output. They are available for almost any application and environment.

Weighing Terminals Useful from simple weighing up to advanced controlling of filling, batching, data storing or operating peripheral equipment. They communicate with programmable logic controllers or enterprise resource planning systems via traditional RS232, fieldbus or local area networks. Weighing Terminals Useful from simple weighing up to advanced controlling of filling, batching, data storing or operating peripheral equipment. They communicate with programmable logic controllers or enterprise resource planning systems via traditional RS232, fieldbus or local area networks.


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